5 Causes of Steering Wheel Shakes at Low and High Speed

Steering wheel is the closest part of car to the driver. In fact it’s directly connect to arm of the driver. If problem occur connected to the steering wheel, it  will be very annoying. Most driver aware if steering wheel shaking but not all of them knows what the causes are.  Ignoring the shake is not wise at all, since it’s possibly became worse and make the car, driver, and passenger in the red line. Knowledge about the causes of steering wheel shakes is hardly recommended. These are five possibly causes of the steering wheel shakes whether at low or high speed.

1. Flat tire

The steering wheel system consist several parts that connected one with another. This connection will be affected if one of the part has malfunction. The vibration you feel at your arms while holding the steering wheel, might be come from far below, in fact the lowest site of your car, tires.  Car tires made by special compound mainly from rubber with air or nitrogen intake. This composition designed to absorb the shock from the road and other materials below.

When the tires loose their air or nitrogen, they will loose their ability to reduced the shock. Since the tires connected to the steering wheel by the steering system,  our arms will feel the vibration even at the low speed. Although the advanced tires technology such as  tubeless and nitrogen could prevent the sudden impact of leaking tire,  pull the car over at the first  time when you feel the shakes at  the steering wheel is very recommended.

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2. Unbalanced wheel

I bet that you must have saw or even offered the balancing service when visiting the tires showroom. This kind of service naturally offered when you complaining about your steering wheel shaking or your tires unbalanced. They will put some material at your wheel, then voila, your steering wheel back to normal. Normally, the unbalanced wheel will  shaking steering wheel at the higher speed, but an experienced driver could feel it even at the low speed. If I suggesting you to balancing your wheel soon after you notice the problem, is not because i am working with the tires shop. It’s just for your own safety.

3. The alignment of the wheel

All wheel of your car normally pointing at the same direction when parked at the plain surface. All side of tires touched the ground equally. If you have problem with the alignment, the situation could be different. When you run your car, especially when turning left or right, you feel your steering wheel shaking because the tires not tread the road equally.  This situation could be worse because the tires will worn down quickly at the certain side, usually inside of the wheel. When you see it at your tires or feel the shake in your arm, please get the mechanic to get it back to normal for your own safety.

4. The brake problem

The shaking of the steering wheel could be happen if one or more wheels have obstacle to turn around. The most common obstacle is the brake problem.  You can accused the brake that causing your steering wheel shaking when the shake occurs when you step on the brake to slowing your car.  It’s mean all break system have to checked thoroughly and the problem solved.

5. The suspension problem

Advanced cars suspension technology make the driver and passenger comfort inside the cabin. This suspension system will reduced the shake from the road. Fortunately, the steering wheel is the firs component that affected if the suspensions system has trouble.

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