7 Causes of Steering Wheel Makes Noise when Turning

Have you experienced hearing squeaky or crack-like sound of steering wheel when turning? Common people may not even notice the noise or simply think it is not a serious problem. Actually, this annoyance that may start as a little noise indicates problem in the car components. If it is not properly dealt with immediately, the

10 Causes of a Car Losing Power when Accelerate

Good acceleration not only gives comfort behind the steer but also assures safety to go through certain road condition. Two of major conditions that requires cars to perform good acceleration are when going through uphill roads and overtaking another vehicle. 10 Causes However, cars losing power in accelerating is one of the most common problems

5 Causes of Your Car Engine Over Heat

There is a good reason that engines have a cooling system. There are numerous rotating metal components within the engine that are constantly rubbing up against each other and creating friction. This friction generates a lot of heat which could end up wearing out the components and the entire functionality of the engine. However, the

5 Causes of Car Engine Only Cranks, But Won’t Start

The starter motor is responsible for cranking the engine so that it can turn on and generate power for the vehicle. The battery is what produces the initial electric current for the starter motor so that it can crank the engine. Unfortunately, after this happens, there can sometimes be situations where there is not enough

5 Causes of “ABS Light Comes On” in Your Car

The ABS light corresponds with the anti-lock braking system of your vehicle. This braking system was designed to prevent the vehicle from skidding so much while the driver presses down on the brake pedal. This is really a safety system for braking because skidding would cause an accident. If you are driving your vehicle and

5 Causes Airbag Light On in Your Car

The airbag light is located on the dashboard. It is a warning light which corresponds with the functionality of your airbag system. As you may know, the airbag is what deploys out of your steering wheel and/or dashboard whenever your vehicle is involved in a head-on collision. The force of the bag is supposed to

5 Causes of Car Engine Misfire

The cylinders of an internal combustion engine must contain the proper amount of air and fuel mixed together before they are ignited by the spark plugs. If there is any problem in one or more of the cylinders which prevents this from happening, there will be something called an engine misfire. This simply means that