10 Causes of a Car Losing Power when Accelerate

Good acceleration not only gives comfort behind the steer but also assures safety to go through certain road condition. Two of major conditions that requires cars to perform good acceleration are when going through uphill roads and overtaking another vehicle.

10 Causes

However, cars losing power in accelerating is one of the most common problems in driving. There are common ten causes car losing power in accelerating you should know in order to maintain your car condition for god performance.

Engine Overheat

Excessive heat on engine causes metal components to expand. It results heavier movement and causes the engine to continue losing power.

Low Compression

Low compression occurs when an engine does not operate normally as a result of inadequate cylinder compression throughout combustion process. Low compression produces only low power to the engine so the vehicle does not get sufficient power. This condition of losing power is significantly noticed when cars accelerate. It happens either to petrol and diesel engine.

Problems In Air Filter

Dirty air that passes through engine is harmful and possibly damaging. If the air filter does not function properly then it cannot clear the air from dust, insects, and other miniscule dirt. The dirty air will get in the combustion chamber and mix with the fuel. If this occurs, the generated power that runs your vehicle will be low.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The function of fuel filter is to separate fuel from all form of impurities that may be mixed in the substance. It is located in between injectors and fuel pump and works as separator between contaminated gasoline and vehicle engine. If it cannot operate properly then the dirt in fuel will get into the chamber combustion. The condition makes the generated power for the vehicle is not optimal. This happens either way to fuel or diesel engine.

Malfunction Of Camshaft Position Sensor

The responsibility of the censor is to collect information about the camshaft speed before passing it to the electronic control module. The module is a computer system which is mostly featured in recently produced cars. The function of the computer is managing the time of fuel injection and ignition after the information is sent. The malfunction of camshaft position censor causes it unable to send information and later it affects the engine performance.

Clogged Exhaust Pipe

This also common cause car losing power in accelerating in both fuel and diesel engine. There are two kinds of exhaust pipe in vehicles; muffler and catalyst converter. The function of catalyst converter is reducing the level of pollution produced from exhaust gas. Meanwhile, muffler is responsible for reducing the noise level made from the process. If any of these exhaust pipes is clogged, it will weaken the engine and makes vehicle accelerates in low power.

Bad Fuel Pump

This condition happens only to the fuel engine. Problems in fuel pump causing it unable to send fuel to the engine in high pressure so the engine does not optimally work.

Bad Function Of Oxygen Sensor

This part is responsible for measuring exhaust gasses which leave the engine. If it fails to send correct information to the electronic control module, it will reduce the engine performance.

The Use Of Big Wheel

Wide, bigger wheel which are not suitably used makes the engine works harder. Use only wheels which are suitable with engine specification.

Excessive Load

You may also have to pay attention to the load in your car. Carrying extra passengers or massive loads will seriously threat safety in driving, moreover, if you have to go up and downhill.

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