7 Causes of Steering Wheel Makes Noise when Turning

Have you experienced hearing squeaky or crack-like sound of steering wheel when turning? Common people may not even notice the noise or simply think it is not a serious problem. Actually, this annoyance that may start as a little noise indicates problem in the car components. If it is not properly dealt with immediately, the problem will potentially be more severe.

In general, noise produced when steering wheel turning is related to the way the vehicle used. Cars which are used for certain purpose may experience problem on the steering wheel because of sudden and full turning. This will cause heat and high pressure to the oil in power steering circuit. Use steering wheel properly to avoid unnecessary, unexpected problems that you have to spend big in fixing. Avoid inappropriate use and maintain regular checking of your car to notice any possible problem.

Recognizing the causes of steering wheel makes noise when turning is important in order to maintain fine performance of your car and to find out the actual problems behind the symptoms once the noise appears. It is assumed that the noise the steering wheel makes is majorly related to excessive stress on the related component parts or it is already worn out. The best solution certainly is going to the mechanic.

7 Causes

However, to make sure your car gets proper fixing and treatment, you have to be well acknowledged about this condition. Besides excessive and inappropriate use of the car, the following are detailed causes of steering wheel makes noise when turning.

Bad Lubrication on Steering Wheel

Bad lubrication on steering wheel causes it makes noise when turning because it goes dry. This happens to vehicle that uses oil to lubricate the power steering. The insufficient lubrication oil on the parts indicates evaporation or leakage.

Weak Steering Rack

Another cause of steering wheel makes noise when turning is weak steering rack. Bad condition of this part makes the steering wheel produces annoying sound at lower speed. This condition may be related to bad belt or vane pump.

Clogged Steering Reservoir Tank

Among seven common causes of steering wheel makes noise when turning is inability of reservoir in filtering the fluid. When steering reservoir tank is clogged, the fluid will be mixed with dirt and this is what actually makes the noise appears.

Bad Tie Rods

Also noticed at lower speed, noisy sound which is triggered by bad tie rod ends. When these part are worn out, knocking sounds may be heard when steering wheel turns. Regularly check parts of your car for fixing or replacement. Problem may get worse if you put down those checking and fixing.

Problem on Wheel Balance

Proper alignment on front wheel can change because of certain period of use. The symptom of this condition is steering wheel shakes and produces noise when turning. Chance is bigger if you apply front wheel stimulus. If this happens, then the wheel rotation needs to be corrected.

Dry Bushing

On top of front strut, you will locate part called jounce bushing. If jounce bushing is not fully lubricated and relatively dry, steering wheel will make noisy, creaking sound when turning. The problem will be worse if you do not fix it immediately. Use oil to lubricate jounce bushing and you will get rid of the annoying sound.

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Bad Suspension Bushing

You also have to check regularly the condition of suspension bushings. Certainly the condition will be worn out in certain period of time and it needs replacement already when you hear unfamiliar noise you never notice before when turning the steering wheel.

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