Symptoms of a Bad Piston Rings in Your Car

Basic function of piston rings:

  1. To compress air and fuel in the combustion chamber.
  2. Piston also has responsible to assist the crankshaft to spin at it’s axis.
  3. Piston also send the burnt air and fuel to the exhaust system.

This heavy duties make pistons has to build from solid metal that make it reliable to do those duty. But pistons can not work alone to run the engine. It’s connected to the other engine part so the engine could run properly. One of the engine part that directly connected to the piston is piston rings. These rings attached to the pistons because it has important function, to control air pressure and to manage engine oil consumption.

Bad piston ring symptoms

The problem to this engine parts would lead to the worse engine problem. So, we need to know the symptoms of bad piston rings in order to prevent the car machine from further damage.

  1. Grey or white smoke that came out from the exhaust. The most common source to this problem is leaking at the piston rings. This leak allowing oil into the combustion room. Heat at the combustion will burn the unwanted oil. The result are grey or white smoke out from exhaust. You should bring your car to the mechanic. If the problem detected from the leaking piston ring, you need to replace it.
  2. More oil consumption. One of the function of piston ring is to manage engine oil consumption. This function might not work properly if the piston ring goes bad. This bad piston ring unable to prevent the engine oil leaking all around the engine room. This oil would inviting dirt to stick in the engine then make the engine harder to run. This problem will solved if you change the piston ring.
  3. Heavier engine acceleration. The trouble at the combustion room affecting the production of engine power. The engine ability to accelerate the vehicle reduced significantly. The best way to notice the reducing power is trying to start the engine at normal street. If you feel your car acceleration slower, it is mean that you are having problem with the engine power. Bad piston ring is just one of several source of the trouble.

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Tips to prevent

The only way to solved the piston rings problem us to change it. But the price often would make you want to break your credit card. So you should considering to prevent the pistons rings wore out.

  1. Only using the recommended engine oil. Some oil is too washy to your piston ring and its seals. It could be initiate the oil leak. Different car has different engine. They need certain oil that might be incompatible with another one.
  2. Change the oil and filters as recommended at your manual book. Usually the book suggested you to change those parts by distance or date. Write down every time you change them, both distance and date and price if necessary. it could be practiced for the other components.
  3. Pull over and bring your vehicle to the mechanic as soon as you find out something wrong with your car, especially with your engine.

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