5 Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt in Your Car

Let’s take a look into your car engine room. When your engine start rotating, piston and valves inside the engine would have to work, open and close in specific timing. Those engine part attached to camshaft that revolving entirely depend on timing belt. The connections between the belt and camshaft make timing belt called as cam belt.

The timing belt itself is a thin but strong rubber belt that has teeth inside. These teeth has to fit to the slot in engine vehicle in order to make the engine work properly. These teeth also hold the belt at the right place. According to it’s manual, timing belt could use up to 100.000 km or a year. But mostly it just can work normally until 50.000 km. You should check this part more frequently from this point even though you feel nothing wrong with it. Changing the timing belt at this time also recommended.

Timing belt actually susceptible from external harm. Therefore you usually find the timing belt covered inside the engine room. Oil and dirt could ruin it’s work and could make it defective sooner. The size of this belt is depend on the size of engine. Bigger the engine, bigger the timing belt, and vise versa.

Before people using rubber timing belt for their engine, they using ferro chain. The durable of the ferro chain is more reliable than rubber timing belt, but it’s make hard noise that make the car owner feel uncomfortable. Than more people choose the rubber than ferro timing belt.

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5 Symptoms

Just like the other part of the car engine, rubber timing belt also could deteriorate. Your mechanic called bad timing belt. Since this engine part hidden inside the engine, it’s hard to check it thoroughly. But don’t worry, you can find whether your timing belt bad or good by these five symptoms.

  1. You can hear a clock ticking from your engine. I suggest you to not trying to find the clock inside your vehicle engine, because you just wasting your time. No one out clock inside there. The ticking or clicking you hear from the engine room is from the bad timing belt. As we know these rubber part is attached to a kind of pulleys to the engine’s cam and other part. If some part, especially timing belt and or camshaft not in the right place or right condition, they will be clicking or ticking. You should check it as soon as possible.
  2. If you feel your engine suddenly run roughly, it possible it’s timing belt has trouble. But it is also possible that the trouble begin at the other side, such as ignition coil. Just remember the timing belt mainly is to adjust the time of opening and closing engine valves. If the time not right it would ruin the engine’s work.
  3. Engine fail to start. This problem mostly occurs when the timing belt is really bad so it can’t rotating properly. Some accidents but rarely reported that the belt break off also causing this trouble. After all we should notice that the bad timing belt is not the main reason of engine starting failure.
  4. Squealing sounds. The sources of this problem are not just related to the timing belt. But we should be paying our attention to the timing belt if the problem occur when we accelerating or decelerating our vehicle engine. After all this sounds is too annoying for us to not send our car to the warehouse as soon as possible.
  5. Smoke from the engine. Though this problem is not solely affected by bad timing belt, it’s not sin to check our timing belt properly.

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