5 Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Coil in Your Car

How many components in our car that can run electrically? From power window until air conditioner, from alarm until wiper, and from lamps to loudspeaker are electrical means. Even the ignition of our car needed big electrical power. Since there are so many electrical means in and on our vehicle, have we ever ask where is the source of this power? Is there any power plant in our car? The answer is yes. There is power plant in our vehicle called battery. This little box usually attached at the engine room.

The next question is how come this little box supplying the power of all electrical means in our car?  The answer could be written on hundreds pages of paper work, but one of the most significant component is ignition coil.  This electrical part could adjust the low voltage battery into very high voltage, up to thousands volts electrical power, in the car. It’s make electrical spark  in the spark plug to ignite our car fuel in engine room. That’s why a lot of people also called this component as sparking coil.

Just like the other component in our car or even in our home, this coil could be turn bad. The worse thing that we can accepted from this is we can’t turn our car on. Before this bad moment arrive, we need to know the symptoms that our ignition coil has turn bad.

  1. We can find out this problem by the black smoke from our car exhaust pipe and the smell of gasoline when we run our car engine. This problem occur when the unused fuel in the combustion cylinders leaking and goes to the exhaust pipe. Even though our car seem could run normally with this problem, we shouldn’t ignore it. As one of the earliest symptoms of bad ignition coil, it could be also the symptom of our car engine problem. Checking the ignition coil or just bring it to the warehouse is recommended to avoid further harm to the engine especially the exhaust system.
  2. Engine misfiring. The early stage of this problem usually occur at the high speed. Our car suddenly jerking, spitting, and coughing like our grandpa in the winter. Then slow but sure this problem getting worse. It’s get coughing more often and even in the low speed. This problem occurred because our car doesn’t have the power needed to run. The symptoms of the engine misfire also could be noticed when we feel unusual vibration when we stop our engine.
  3. The engine hard to start. As we know the most important task of the ignition coil is to igniting our car engine. If the ignition coil turn bad, this function will be affected. The engine just doesn’t have the electrical power enough to combustion the fuel and the air to start the engine. Sometime the engine could work after we turn our key on several times, but I suggest you to make ‘your ignition coil checked as soon as possible. I’m sure we don’t want get trouble with our car in the middle of traffic jam or in the middle of nowhere as well.
  4. The engine Stall. The bad ignition coil could make our car power stability harmed. It’s occurs because the ignition plug sparkling unstable. Though this problem could be causes by the ignition coil, but it might come from somewhere else.
  5. Our car need more fuel. The unstable spark from ignition coil make our engine need more fuel to run. Some fuel leaked to exhaust pipe, that make it even worse.

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If we find this symptoms we need to see our mechanics soon and get the ignition coil checked. Otherwise the problem could make our engine and of course our wallet look bad.

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