5 Causes of Manual Transmission Hard to Shift

Automatic transmission cars may offer tons of benefits as alters to the previously known manual transmission. However, though automatic transmission claims to be more user-friendly, practical, and less-tiring, manual transmission cars are still great option for many drivers. Having loyal users does not mean that this type of car is problem-free.

Still, users have to be well informed about certain symptoms that may indicate components in the car need fixing or replacement. One common problem of manual transmission is it is hard to shift. Users may find it difficult to change the gear when shifting. It feels like it is hard and stuck, cannot be smoothly shifted as it is normally. This could be harmful when you need to progressively accelerate especially in difficult route. Therefore, inform yourself with these common five causes of manual transmission hard to shift in order to keep your car performance at its best.

Problem in Clutch Systems

The first common five causes of manual transmission hard to shift is problem in clutch system. Clutch system in manual transmission car works as wheel activator. There are six main parts in the system; clutch master cylinder, release cylinder, clutch cover, release bearing and fork, and clutch disc. When driving, these six components’ works are related to one another so that users can easily shift the manual transmission. Problem occurs when clutch master cylinder is broken or leak.

The handle transmission will be hard to shift because those damage and leakage reduce fluid pressure. Insufficient fluid pressure makes the gear fails to thoroughly separate clutch cover and the disc. The condition results the system cannot turn completely to move the gear. Problem gets severe if leakage on one or two cylinder do not immediately fix because it may completely stop the manual transmission shift.

Bad Hub Sleeve

The hub sleeves connects the main gear from the hub gear. Small teeth on this component moves, adjusting with the synchronizer ring when the transmission gear is shifted. Damages on hub sleeve will make the gear transmission excessively tight and hard to shift.

Bad Synchronizer Ring

Another common five causes of manual transmission hard to shift is bad synchronizer ring. It is responsible to engage the gear. Synchronizer ring is made of small serration that allows the hub sleeve smoothly moves and shifts into the main gear. Damages or long use causes the synchronizer ring cannot operate properly so the manual transmission will have problems when shifting.

Insufficient Oil in the Gear

Insufficient gear oil can occur if there is leakage or simply because user does not regularly change it. Dry gear is damaging to the transmission. If it is not immediately fixed, the manual transmission will be hard to shift. This condition also makes squealing noise appear every time you shift the gear transmission and later impacts car performance gone badly. To avoid unnecessary, expensive spending for fixing, frequently check oil gear in your car. Therefore, your also maintain the car performance.

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Bad Gear

The last on the list of common five causes of manual transmission hard to shift is the gear. This component is the main part in manual transmission cars. There are small teeth and big teeth on each of the gear which are responsible for responding hub sleeve engagement with the synchronizer ring and managing the spinning counter gear which sends transmission to the output shaft. If one or both f these types of teeth are damage, drivers will find difficulty when shifting transmission and unusual noise will appear. The vehicle also has the same risk if these teeth are worn out.

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