Use Homerswood Reclaim Yard Floor wood to Support Nature with Style

While you decorate your home with antique vases and pots there is one aspect on which there is always confusion; the flooring. Flooring in a house has its own importance. While you want people to look at your amazing furniture and that expensive painting, the first thing guests notice is the flooring in a house.

Whether you have put on wooden flooring or vinyl flooring, what matters is that it should match with your furniture, interior and also your persona. Reclaimed floorboards UK have increased their following amongst people, and there is a gradual increase in its demand. Homerswood Reclaim Yard offers the best Reclaimed wood there is, which not only makes your flooring look vintage but stylish too.

Each type of flooring says something and reclaimed floorboards make you look like a nature lover. Reclaimed floor boards are made with pieces of wood from old furniture and do not use new wood. This reusing of wood has helped saving thousands of trees from being cut to make paper every day. Each piece of reclaimed wood is unique and thus, makes its loyal owners look elite and ahead in class.

Pitch pine flooring and plywood were mostly used in heavy constructions but are now being used by more people for their residential flooring. Pitch pine is available in different colors and sizes which has made customers loyal towards it. Pitch pine floorboards UK is one of the most sold woods at Homerswood Reclaim Yard with ‘only word of the mouth’ publicity making it the highest grosser for the company. The company’s affordable pricing has also made it a customer pocket friendly product.

Homerswood Reclaim Yard provides high class reclaimed wood flooring to its customers who wish to shift from the traditional tile and cement flooring to the cream of the crop wooden flooring. The company has 18 years of experience in producing reclaimed wood floorboards and has served many clients over the years which make them a household name in Britain defining their trustworthiness. They not only provide beautiful reclaimed wood floorboards but also promise supreme quality and durability.

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