Quality Installations by the Certified Weldersand Qualified Pipe Fitters of Pipetech Projects & Maintenance!

Whether your steel is metric, schedule or ISO thin wall, hiring a professional contractor to supply and install the pipe work is always a good option! Pipetech Projects & Maintenance are specialist pipework contractors that provide you pipework fabrication and installations, steel work installations and other installations. They have all their welders coded and certified with BS-EN and ASME IX I standards to supply you the quality installation and testing services.

Pipetech Projects & Maintenance offers different types of services, including:

· Spatial Coordination:

Spatial Coordination includes 3D modeling the pipework system to achieve an exact fit in congested spaces and plant rooms.

· Supply, installation and testing:

Everything form the manufacturing for pre-fabricated pipework to the testing of the complete system.

· Fabrication:

Fabricated pipework and steelwork is done in house. Specialising in pre-fabricated stainless steel pipework.

· Labour assistance:

Labour assistance means we will provide the trained and skilled operatives, supervisors, engineersand technicians to handle your pipe workand carry out the management and installation to your requirements.

Pipetech Projects & Maintenance is a leading company that provides vast array of pipework installation including carbon steel pipe work installations, titanium pipework installations and other types of plastic pipework installationsmaking them a leading pipework contractor.

They are a number one company to provide your company installation services for many applications such as finished products, raw material transportation, bio gas lines, oil lines as well as covering all the energy and manufacturing process that an efficient pipework needs.

They also have experience of working in several fields including pharmaceutical plants, power stations, paper mills, food processing and sugar factories, water treatment and sewage works as well as other general manufacturing plants.

The bottom line is Pipetech Projects & Maintenance is a leader in its field that provides you acomprehensive mechanical pipework installation. In an addition, they provide you extensive services of welding and pipe fitting from large sites, pipe work maintenance and other projects too.

To know more you can log on to http://www.pipetechgroup.co.uk/.

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